Solve Proftpd 503 error when shell set to /bin/false

This issue is caused by the directive RequireValidShell. When set to on (which is the default), Proftpd will not allow users who do not have a shell binary listed in /etc/shells to login. To solve this problem, either add /bin/false to /etc/shells OR set RequireValidShell to off in /etc/proftpd/p...

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Vultr, better than DigitalOcean

Vultr is a cloud hosting provider which was usually recognized as a copy of digitalocean.

I was not optimistic about it. Because the first time I visited their site, it was like a cheap VPS povider who will set up 120 VMs in a E3 powered CPU with 120GB RAM. Besides, at that time ,there was a prom...

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expire_logs_days = 10


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