Asynchronous HTTP requests in Python 3.5

Just a snippet with aiohttp.

import aiohttp
import asyncio

async def get_status(url, id):
    r = await aiohttp.get(url)
    print(r.status, id)

tasks = []
for i in range(100):
    tasks.append(asyncio.ensure_future(get_status('', id=i)))

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A Python Web Crawler Helper

I was tired of writing the similar bit of code every time I wanted to craw something from the web. So, I wrote this helper to save the boring part of the work.

I call it a helper because it's definitely not a framework and it's so simple that I don't want to call it a library. It's also the firs...

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Flask-mongoengine pagination performance issue

So I'm using flask-mongoengine as my ORM in many projects.

The pagination comes with it is very useful and easy to use, especially the iter_pages() function.

However, there's a problem with flask-mongoengine's pagination that can cause a huge performance lag. The count() function used to calcula...

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