Vultr, better than DigitalOcean

Vultr is a cloud hosting provider which was usually recognized as a copy of digitalocean.

I was not optimistic about it. Because the first time I visited their site, it was like a cheap VPS povider who will set up 120 VMs in a E3 powered CPU with 120GB RAM. Besides, at that time ,there was a promotional activit held which would basically double your payments. This made me think that Vultr might be another provider that attract people to pay and go backcrupt and run away.

Last week, I paid 5 dollors just beacuse I want to try this new provider. The result is pretty good.

The CPU is better than DigitalOcean's, the network is pretty much at the same level(only had my hands on NY datacenter). The RAM is larger. Snapshots are free(temporarily). SSD performed well. And so on.

The only thing I worry about is how Vultr make profits to make their bussiness sustainable. I mean, it's amazingly good given that price. It even provide a storage plan that comes with a 160GB HDD and 512M RAM at $5.

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