A new editor

Before adding this editor I would usually use some third party markdown editor and then copy-paste the code to Django's admin, which worked fine, until I finally can't tolerant the user experience.

Django's admin is fine, for content management, but is bad to actual writing and editing. I was reading the documentation for Facebook's React for the first time yesterday afternoon and decided to do some actual practice with it. Naturally, it became a good chance to improve the writing and editing experience of my djanblog project.

With the help of official examples, the process to roll a markdown live editor was pretty easy. Integrating the editor to actual Django app was also not that hard. But I did learn something from the process, at least I read through the documentation of marked. It is a good markdown parser supporting custom renderer and custom highlighting function.

I wanted to make the editor a separated app, but I really don't have the time given two assignments due today. However, the essential code of the editor can be found here and the following is a snapshot of the editor. Editor

feel free to fork this project

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