My View on Academic Plagiarism

It’s increasingly common to see that people use other’s words, ideas, computer programs, or other academic work in their own work or essays as if they were their own, without giving proper credit. This dishonesty is considered as academic plagiarisms. With the help of the Internet, in today’s China, it’s becoming easier for not only students but also teachers to commit this kind of plagiarisms.

This kind of cheating dose harm to both the ones who commit it and the original authors. For one thing, it can sometimes be illegal, because it’s a violation of copyright law when the original author do not permit people to quote their words, codes, or ideas.As a result, conducting academic plagiarism will put people at the risk of being fined and other serious disciplinary action including expulsion. For another, it poses a threat to the potential benefits of the original work. For example, Facebook would never be so successful, if Mark Zuckerberg’s idea was stolen by someone else and he or she founded a website that had the same features before Facebook was built.

Academic plagiarism will also have a detrimental influence on the academic atmosphere. When a student cheated in an examination and get a fairly high score, other students will likely to do the same instead of prevent it from happening. The reasons are various. In my view, the main cause is that what Chinese people want is not justice but to take advantage of injustice. Anyway, cheating without strict punishment encourages others to commit it. In addition, it discourages people to be creative.

Solving this problem requires huge effort of the whole society. Our government should make effective laws to protect copyrights. Schools should punish every students who cheated and fire all the teachers who plagiarize other’s work. Most importantly, everyone of us are supposed to fulfill our share of duty to get rid of academic plagiarism.

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