Being caught cheating dose not make one victim

Recently, GitHub's student's pack has made Digitalocean and it's free $100 promo the headlines again.

As an university student, I'm happy with such an offer from GitHub and it's partners.

I knew people who are not students will falsely claim the special offer only for students, but I didn't see that when GitHub and DigitalOcean start to dealing with these people, they act like they did nothing wrong or even claim it's Github's fault not verifying their identities at the first place.

Well, I do agree that Github should have checked our identities when applying. But it doesn't mean that cheater are right. Github has said that this offer is only for students and I thinks this is some kind of agreement. You can't break an agreement and claim that it's the other side didn't enforce it.

It is like you can't kill a person and claim it's the police's fault failing to shoot you first.

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