Being caught cheating dose not make one victim

Recently, GitHub's student's pack has made Digitalocean and it's free $100 promo the headlines again.

As an university student, I'm happy with such an offer from GitHub and it's partners.

I knew people who are not students will falsely claim the special offer only for students, but I didn't see t...

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How to Get an 8 in IELTS Without Preparation

  1. Study English hard for years until one 1 month before the test
  2. Make sure you don't know anything about the test
  3. Spend the month before test without anything about English
  4. Go to the test and get your 8
  5. People will think you're some sort of god
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Vultr, better than DigitalOcean

Vultr is a cloud hosting provider which was usually recognized as a copy of digitalocean.

I was not optimistic about it. Because the first time I visited their site, it was like a cheap VPS povider who will set up 120 VMs in a E3 powered CPU with 120GB RAM. Besides, at that time ,there was a prom...

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