A new editor

Before adding this editor I would usually use some third party markdown editor and then copy-paste the code to Django's admin, which worked fine, until I finally can't tolerant the user experience.

Django's admin is fine, for content management, but is bad to actual writing and editing. I was re...

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Solve Proftpd 503 error when shell set to /bin/false

This issue is caused by the directive RequireValidShell. When set to on (which is the default), Proftpd will not allow users who do not have a shell binary listed in /etc/shells to login. To solve this problem, either add /bin/false to /etc/shells OR set RequireValidShell to off in /etc/proftpd/p...

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Flask-mongoengine pagination performance issue

So I'm using flask-mongoengine as my ORM in many projects.

The pagination comes with it is very useful and easy to use, especially the iter_pages() function.

However, there's a problem with flask-mongoengine's pagination that can cause a huge performance lag. The count() function used to calcula...

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